About me...

Art is where my heart is and always will be. 

Ever since I can remember I've been doing art in one form or another.  Back in the day, I went to art college for design but later on I focused on illustration. When I finished art school I was kinda burnt out and so I took a variety of odd jobs and eventually became an in-house illustrator with a local publisher. After a while it became obvious that they needed a designer more than an illustrator so I taught myself how to use the computer. A few years later I moved to Australia where I got a job as a part-time illustrator/designer. That eventually morphed into a full-time design/studio manager position which, once again, took me further away from painting. Six years later, I moved back to Canada and took another design day job whilst honing my artistic skills in the evenings and on weekends. Eventually I got laid off from 'the day job' and decided to just go for what I wanted. After a busy 6 months hustling and networking I landed a concept artist position with a local indie game company. After a couple of games and apps I became the art director and ended up being in charge of all thing's visual for the company. In 2013 the studio dissolved and we all ran for the hills. I went back to 'the day job' and made a commitment to myself that this time I was going to get somewhere with my art which has resulted in the pieces you see on this new website.

Other than art I love fedora hats, traveling, single malt whiskey, playing guitar and watching movies. I workout and recently discovered yoga which has helped me to limber up from all the hours sat in front of the computer! I live in Vancouver, Canada with my beautiful wife. 



• Front Cover/Gallery of works/ Interview - Presences D'Esprits Magazine - 2017
• Arcane Wonders - 2016
• 'Full Moon Over Noah's Ark; An Odyssey to Mount Ararat' by Rick Antonson - 2016
* Pay Dirt: The Treasures Of Chichen Itza, Genius Factor Games - 2012
• 'Route 66 Still Kicks' by Rick Antonson - 2012
• Megadeth Christmas Card Competition, Winner - 2011
• Heart Hero, Genius Factor Games - 2011
• 'Machines And Magic Volume 1' -  2011
• Frank Frazetta Tribute Exhibition - 2011
• Riese: Battle For Elysia, Genius Factor Games - 2010
• Gallery of Works, Heavy Metal Magazine - 2009
• 'To Timbuktu For A Haircut' by Rick Antonson - 2008