Today's Master Study

Getting back into the swing of thing's after the holidays so I thought I'd do a quick master study.

Final Demon Born: Ascent Painting

So I totally forgot to put this finished painting on my blog from early November, oops! Oh well, it's here now and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. During the course of completing this painting, I had to make a number of design choices that weren't on the sketch so it took a little longer than it normally would but at least these thing's are now setup ready for the next painting!

Demon Born Sketch #3

Here’s the third painting idea for my Demon Born character - Ascent. Think I might take this one to a more finished stage.

Demon Born - Sketch #2

Here’s the second painting idea for my Demon Born character - Meeting with the boss...

Tonight's Sketch - Demon Born

Been playing around with a new character which I've called 'Demon Born' for now... The character resides in one of the nine rings of hell, well until the devil grants him leave to walk the Earth on some sort of quest which I'm still figuring out lol. Anyway, enough rambling, here's my first painting idea for this character:)

Weekend Life-study

A few days ago I realized that the last time I'd sat down and done some life drawing was back in early December! So I made the time, got back in the saddle and here's the first study of 2016. 

Feb 2016 Life Study


Hi there, and welcome to my new site. I'm really excited to be able to share all of my work and what I'm up to on my blog. Please check back for regular updates and thanks for stopping by.


Personal Work

Last year I started creating something I'd never really done before, personal work. When I say personal work, I mean painted sketches that directly talked about thing's that have happened to me in my life. But instead of just trying to paint the events verbatim, I took those experiences and transported them into my preferred environment which is the fantasy world. More specifically, kind of a medieval/viking type setting.  I'm going to be doing 7-8 of these pieces, most of which I've already sketched out, and working them up into finished paintings. When I started doing these I figured it'd be a nice little diversion from the usual things I was painting... what I didn't realize at the time was just how therapeutic and cathartic they were going to be. In fact, I'm more excited about working on these paintings than anything else. Pictured here is the first of those personal sketches entitled 'Unleashed'.