About me...

Art is where my heart is and always will be. 

Ever since I can remember I've been doing art in one form or another.  Back in the day, I went to art college for design but later on I focused on illustration. When I finished art school I was kinda burnt out and so I took a variety of odd jobs and eventually became an in-house illustrator with a local publisher. After a while it became obvious that they needed a designer more than an illustrator so I taught myself how to use the computer. A few years later I moved to Australia where I got a job as a part-time illustrator/designer. That eventually morphed into a full-time design/studio manager position which, once again, took me further away from painting. Six years later, I moved back to Canada and took another design day job whilst honing my artistic skills in the evenings and on weekends. Eventually I got laid off from 'the day job' and decided to just go for what I wanted. After a busy 6 months hustling and networking I landed a concept artist position with a local indie game company. After a couple of games and apps I became the art director and ended up being in charge of all thing's visual for the company. In 2013 the studio dissolved and we all ran for the hills. I went back to 'the day job' and made a commitment to myself that this time I was going to get somewhere with my art which has resulted in the pieces you see on this new website.

Other than art I love fedora hats, traveling, single malt whiskey, playing guitar and watching movies. I workout and recently discovered yoga which has helped me to limber up from all the hours sat in front of the computer! I live in Vancouver, Canada with my beautiful wife. 



• Rude Awakening, A Noble Sins Novel by Dana Crotts, Cover Illustration - 2019
• The Darkness Returns by Michael D. Nadeau Cover Illustration, Kyanite Publishing - 2019
• The Call of the Rift - Veil (Book Two) by Jay Waller, Cover Illustration, ECW Press - 2019
• Oroonoko, The Royal Slave, Internal Illustration, British LIterature 3rd Edition, BJU Press - 2018
• The Hand of the Reckoners by Dana Crotts, Cover Illustration - 2018
• The Call of the Rift - Flight (Book One) by Jay Waller, Cover Illustration, ECW Press - 2018
• Front Cover/Gallery of works/ Interview - Presences D'Esprits Magazine - 2017
• Arcane Wonders - 2016
• 'Full Moon Over Noah's Ark; An Odyssey to Mount Ararat' by Rick Antonson - 2016
* Pay Dirt: The Treasures Of Chichen Itza, Genius Factor Games - 2012
• 'Route 66 Still Kicks' by Rick Antonson - 2012
• Megadeth Christmas Card Competition, Winner - 2011
• Heart Hero, Genius Factor Games - 2011
• 'Machines And Magic Volume 1' -  2011
• Frank Frazetta Tribute Exhibition - 2011
• Riese: Battle For Elysia, Genius Factor Games - 2010
• Gallery of Works, Heavy Metal Magazine - 2009
• 'To Timbuktu For A Haircut' by Rick Antonson - 2008



"Simon is on the cutting edge of fantasy painting, but his style is definitely rooted in the traditional style of fantasy masters such as Brom and Frank Frazetta. He adds a bit of comic book feel to his art that helps to give it a bigger than life feel, an attractive visual look. He is probably the best modern fantasy painter out there."
Dana Crotts, Author

“Excellent. I like that you are flexible. i.e. I can comment on your output. Your pricing is reasonable and transparent.”
Simon Sole, Bandoola Productions

“Working with Simon was wonderful. He communicated very quickly and clearly, paid amazing attention to detail, and really made sure to capture the feel we were looking for in a picture. Incredibly talented artist and overall great person.”
Sophia LeRoux, Kyanite Publishing